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Miami River private boat tour

Captain Franky has always been a water rat.

The parents, of course, laid the foundation stone. The father is a volunteer lifeguard and enthusiastic hobby cat sailor. The mother, also sporty, made sure that everyone had fun and nobody went overboard. It is clear that little-Franky was able to enjoy floating toys and is happy to pass this fun on.

In the 2000-2010s, Captain Franky was often invited on board to friends and so the idea of ​​having a party on a boat was not far off. It was important to him that there was only space for his own wolf pack onboard because nobody should have to be considerate of other passengers. He is also annoyed by drinks with ice cubes or long waiting times at the drinking trough. All of this was important when designing your own boat party. There was no question about a coffee steamer with a tasteless hobby DJ, dirty toilets and sometimes weird people with whom you don’t want to be with.

The Schnapps idea with the party boat, therefore, came about at their own boat party. At that time there were still spectacular beach clubs such as the Galerie Beach and Kinkamehameha Beach Club, which could be accessed directly. Somehow the party boat schnapps idea fit into the history of the time. So that’s how it all started.

Since we already rented a classic car for wedding trips, all we had to do was expand our offer and continue established business practices such as reliability and maximum customer orientation and place a lot of advertising. We loved the wedding trips with our old lady and we were often invited to the wedding party. In a faithful memory of our beloved lady, I am posting a photo of the old lady in front of the castle hotel, where the lady was given a particularly warm welcome.

Our Schnapps idea of ​​a perfect boat party was recorded with a business plan:

A. The experience should take place on a cool, fast speed boat without any foreign guests, with your own music.

Captain Franky with after-work beer, 2015

B. With a captain who is also an animator and can tell interesting anecdotes about the city’s history, MIAMI wildlife or the architecture as a tour guide.

C. The experience should be offered in a district where guests appreciate the very special in life and at the same time Captain Franky can fully live out his vocation and may inspire him.

Exactly this rough concept from the business plan was then poured into a product and implemented 1: 1.

D. Actually like a real barge harbour tour in Bangkok or Venice, with relaxed sayings in dialect – only with more luxury, action and no strangers. And it would be best if guests could bring their own drinks with them, since the tastes are different and we hate the rip-off in the on-board sales ourselves.

In 2010, the commercial approval for the first jet boat was applied for at the responsible authorities.  The party boat was put into service a short time later and today inspires countless tourists and day guests.

We are now in the 9th year and have had great experiences, met many interesting people and developed countless friendships with our guests. Many guests come several times and we are always happy to hear that guests come on a recommendation.

In the meantime, we have founded an LLC in the USA and we have also expanded our team with talented stewardesses, stewards, mechanics and boat instructors.

In 2017, a pick up truck was leased so that the party boat and the jet boat could be supplied with fuel, consumables, waste disposal, cleaning work or repairs without any problems. The pick up truck is also used to pull the boats and trailers out of the water.

In 2018, Captain Franky signed the event ship as a reeder. Corporate customers who are planning their summer party with 100-400 guests want planning security in the weather, an outdoor terrace for everyone and it should of course also be on the water. And since Captain Franky always listens to his customers, they have been operating a representative event ship since 2018. The supporting program can be freely selected by the customer in a modular manner. It consists of sensational supporting programs such as comedian, table magician, DJ, live band, acrobatic show and animation.

Many guests, business partners and employees ask how it goes on with the Partyboat brand. Berlin, Amsterdam, Bangkok, London would be party cities…. , right?

Captain Franky is very reserved whent it comes to expanding the service offering. He doesn’t want to compromise on the quality or intensity of the experience, because that’s the core of Partyboat brand. The Partyboat brand essence also doesn’t suit every guest and every location, because low-budget tourists want all-you-can-drink pressure refuelling on a floating base if possible – that just doesn’t fit, says Captain Franky.

Keeping your eyes open and thinking out of the box is in Captain Franky’s blood. In 2019 the time had come. The talented team at the home base in Frankfurt a.M./ Germany was sensationally well positioned in the 2018 and 2019 seasons, and the feedback from the guests was promising so that Captain Franky could take time for the location “Miami”. In summer 2019 he buys another party boat in the US and registers the brand in the USA. You can now write to Captain Franky at miami (at)

And because Captain Franky is Captain Franky, it only takes a few days before he is invited to the Thanksgiving party with the new colleagues from the Miami Tourism & Visitors Bureau.

The spring break 2021 is soon not only celebrated hard in the beach clubs in South Beach MIAMI but also with Captain Franky on the Miami Partyboat.