Please use the contact form and send me the number of participants, duration of the event, budget ideas and what interests you the most. I will then create a program for you.

How long in advance should I reserve?

In the summer months, we are fully booked with all available boats. Therefore, you should book 3-5 months in advance if you want planning security.

Where exactly are we going?

We start in Miami South Beach Marina and stay in the area between the Miami River and Miami Bay, intercity waterways, Key Biscayne unless otherwise agreed. We always recommend the route that is most spectacular for you, if the shipping traffic allows it. Ultimately, however, the guest who booked the boat decides provided the route is safe. If you want to listen to music particularly loudly, or if you have booked an exotic dancer, we drive into a less frequented zone so that no residents or passers-by feel disturbed. If certain zones are closed due to festivals, celebrations, regatta, demos on the water, we follow the official instructions and take another well-suited route. In this case, there is no discount or refund.

Is it difficult to book?

Booking is easy and only takes 1-2 minutes. Either by email, WhatsApp or our reservation system:

Is a reservation on the online reservation system a binding booking?

Yes, when you register you have reserved the tour permanently, ie. the boat will be binding! Please use the contact form on my website. You will then receive a reservation confirmation and by email.

What is the difference between Captain Franky´s party boat cruise and a tour on a passenger ship or taxi boat?

The difference is more classy customer experience. The style, space, speed and fun is the key benefit for yours.  Captain Franky´s ideas are not to rip of the guest by selling cheap drinks or playing a playlist half of the passengers likes only. 

 A refrigerator for your drinks and food, toilet, sink and an outside shower with freshwater are also on board.

A passenger ship or taxi boat, on the other hand, always comes with a captain, deck mat, sailors, DJ with a mixed playlist, a different type of participants and mostly an all-u-can drink package and sometimes all-you-can eat even.

How does it work with steering the party boat yourself?

Captain Franky’s party boat is registered as a drivers-license-free rental boat. As a special hight light, you have to designate one or more boaters from your group to take the helm – under the supervision of our instructor Captain Franky. Therefore, please note that your helmsman may not have more than 0.5 per thousand of blood alcohol. For passengers who do not control the limit is 1.00 per mille. By the way: if guests behave conspicuously, the trip is definitely refused. This includes, among other things, inattentiveness during the safety briefing, roaring around on the jetty, restricted body control and unfriendly behaviour towards the crew.

Instruction by the instructor is given while on the water. The operation of the party boat is child’s play: (forward gear/reverse gear), the right of way rules (maneuverable must allow right of way) and course (with loud music towards the port and with moderate volume, the panoramic route towards dolphins, manties, pelicans, reptiles.

In practice, we have the experience that everyone wants to steer, of course, we have a captain’s hat ready for you and of course you can alternate with the steering of the party boat while driving. The instructor continually explains the operation of changing helmsmen. The instructor is always present and explains the rules and helps with setting the course, parking, finding the domestic animals and explains anecdotes about the waterfront, CSI-Miami, Bad Boys and Miami Vice film sets, celebrity homes development and other spectacular sights.