Terms & Conditions

The private rental party boat are often insured by a watercraft liability insurance for a sum insured up to USD 10 million per damage event. The deductible is $ 2,500. There is also $ 2 million in physical accident insurance coverage while operating a boat that the entitled occupants suffer. The validity of the insurance policy and the general terms and conditions of the insurance company can be viewed in advance or on the boat.

Property damage and its consequential damage (such as downtime, shipyard stay) by occupants, guests, participants that arise on the party boat or on the jet boat during the boat tour are the responsibility of the contractual partner (charter guest) and become 100 by the contractual partner (charter guest who makes the reservation) % paid. These include e.g. Soiling from nail polish and lip gloss, tears in the upholstery due to rivets in the belt and clothing, broken windshield because it was misused for pull-ups, defective toilet because OB or sanitary napkins were improperly disposed of, removal of glass splinters from the flooring which was caused by broken bottle glass, loss of Accessories such as bottle openers, fenders, lines, which were handed over to the guest with the party boat. Damage to property and consequential damage to the hull can also result from incorrect navigation, e.g. driving too close to the shore and bridge pillars, to foreign boats or ground contact in the spear surfaces.

In the event of damage on the boat, the contractual partner (charter guest) has to pay an A account payment in the amount of the estimated expenses. This can be done by online banking on the smartphone or in cash. The landlord reserves the right to report the polluter or charter guest to the water protection police for damage to property, so that the process is officially recorded. The landlord presents the actual repair costs and damages costs and later settles the A account payment already made. The party boat is handed over as a charter boat without a boat guide.

In this case, the lessor is not liable for damage caused by the occupants or the contractual partner (charter guest) himself. The boat is always provided as a passenger boat with a driver. In this case the same applies.

– Alcohol is allowed on board, drinks are to be brought along. Bringing along food is to be clarified after prior agreement.

– Petrol, safety equipment, insurance are included

– The amount is to be transferred to the PayPal account according to the price list or to be handed over on site.

In exceptional cases, a deposit can be raised before departure, which is returned after the end of the journey. The deposit can be retained in individual cases if excessive soiling and wear and tear due to entering the seat cushion with shoes, leaking lip gloss and nail polish, soiling such as broken glass, strawberry limiter, Jägermeister, cola, chewing gum on the floor, red wine and fruit stains, scratching due to improper clothing (Metal applications on clothing) or other inappropriate use. In the event of damage or if there is improperly high wear, the guest or his liability insurance must arrange for replacement, cleaning or repair of the affected component. If the boat is no longer ready for use due to the damage caused by the guest, the person responsible is liable for the consequential damage caused by canceled trips and for compensation to groups whose trip must then be canceled.

– Cancellation free of charge for weather forecasts with probabilities over 80% for heavy rain, waves, strong wind and the like.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the booked tours at any time and at short notice for reasons such as: illness, bad weather, frost, storm, low tide, flood, probability of rain from 80%, closure of the Main (e.g. a regatta, festivals, accident), defect in the vehicle , Strike (e.g. lock keeper), for organizational reasons (e.g. overbooking, double occupancy)

– The tour can be performed in the event of drizzle. The convertible top is opened on drizzle tours.

– The jet boat has space for 15 passengers or 3300 LBS (1500 KG) max payload.

– The party boat has its own toilet, the toilet must be handed over cleanly by the charter guest after the end of the boat tour, otherwise there is a cleaning fee of USD 50 and the travel time is reduced by the cleaning work.

– If you cancel up to 1 week in advance, there will be no cancellation charge. After that, the trip is considered completed and must be paid in full, unless there is another guest who wants to slide off the waiting list. To ensure that you do not suffer any damage, we issue a voucher for the full cancellation costs or offer rebooking to another day.

– For company events, the general terms and conditions of the inventory location apply before the general terms and conditions for the boat charter when it comes to the organization in the inventory location.

– Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area at the rear due to the petrol-powered drive type. Burn marks have to be elaborately removed and have to be paid by the charter guest on site.

– Street shoes and high heels scratch the boat and therefore come in our shoe box. Clean boat shoes and clean flip-flops without street dirt are allowed.

– Guests who risk their own safety or that of others or who do not follow the crew’s safety instructions are immediately excluded from the journey. No refund will be given in the event of misconduct by individual guests.

– The organizer reserves the right to cancel the booking if this endangers guests, e.g. in case of storm, defect on the boat, etc. The guest then gets his money back.

– Garbage must not be thrown overboard, rubbish bins are ready

-A 1-hour tour has approx. 50 minutes of pure driving time after deducting the entry and exit times. Boarding time, waiting times for stragglers stowing luggage or provisions, etc. are at the expense of travel time. Please be at the meeting point 10 minutes earlier.

– Depending on the weather and traffic situation, the meeting point, program, routes, times and routes can change at short notice or the event can be completely postponed or canceled. If a full throttle ride is not possible, the boat ride is considered to be completed. The full throttle share will then be reimbursed, the basic price is 299, – for a one-hour tour without full throttle.

– We do not offer reservations through minors. If you are under the age of 21, the participation of the legal guardian is required. Children are welcome as inmates. Children must be registered as a children’s swimming test must be organized.

– A binding contract is concluded with payment of the fee and acceptance of the booking by providing the party boat boat on the date mentioned.

-Participation is at your own risk. The instructor takes all security measures and gives a complete and detailed safety instruction. The instructor, stewardess, boat driver, crew or the ticket seller is not liable for lost items or improperly stored electronic devices such as cell phones and damp clothing or physical integrity.

If guests on the party boat do not heed the safety instructions, the following physical dangers can occur: attacks by wild animals, drowning, breaks, bruises, severed limbs and other related impairments.

-Only enter the party boat at the request of the operator. The entry variant specified by the operator is to be selected. Any other variant such as “climbing on the boat somehow quickly” is prohibited because the risk of getting caught between the hull and the bank attachment / jetty is high.

– Alcohol on the party boat is expressly allowed. On the party boat (license-free charter boat) we have a 1-alcohol limit for guests and 0.5 alcohol for the boat driver you have selected (from your group) and everyone else who wants to get behind the wheel. If a guest has severe failure symptoms, the group must decide whether to cancel the tour or whether the person concerned waits at the meeting point until the boat moored again. In this case, no refund will be made.

– The instructions of the crew must be listened to and strictly followed so that no passengers are harmed.