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Miami bachelor party and bachelorette in the metropolis of Miami are guaranteed to be unforgettable. Captain Franky knows his way around and is happy to share his top 10 insider tips so that your planning will be a complete success.

To us: We like to celebrate ourselves, are young and think that a bachelor party in Miami a.M. should be a unique event. Accordingly, the crew is doing a lot so that the JGA in Miami will be remembered. So that everything around your pre-planning runs smoothly, we share the experience and video contributions on this website. Of course, we are happy about everyone who thinks Miami is great and heed our tips. If you should consider the party boat, we are happy if you tell us on the boat how you can find the content of this website so that we can further optimize the content. By the way, Captain Franky’s boat tours are often the highlight of the day among bachelorette party planners for Miami. There is the boat tour “Partyboot Cruise” to party and the “Speedboat Tour” for all adrenaline junkies. The route is also a panorama route goes up and down the Miami bay and past the spectacular star island and Miami skyline.

Meeting point and boarding for the party boat is on request in Miami South Beach, Biscayne or Miami South Beach Marina.

You will then be in a good mood with your own provisions to the meeting point and have a lot of fun on the footpath – including a little bit of shame. Promised that in a cosmopolitan city like Miami a.M. a sight of a happy bachelor party will lead to a good mood everywhere – the southern hospitality will inspire you. Here are the top 5 insider tips from Captain Franky:
The fact that party planners and bachelorette party planners are moving away from the vendor’s tray – towards an unforgettable experience using more budget than in the 2010s has led to exciting bachelorette party offers in 2020 such as paintball, laser day, escape room, pole dance, cooking class, Laser tag, wellness, interesting bars, concerts, street festivals and festivals, stretch limo offers or the party boat offer from Captain Franky. There are fewer and fewer strollers in embarrassing costumes and belly trays that are more reminiscent of a time management measure on the flat land – but of course, this is also due to the urban environment in Miami a.M.

Miami has developed very strongly as a bachelorette party destination since the hit movie Hangover and on Saturdays, in March/ April/ May / June / there are 200-250 individual bachelorette party groups in Miami a.M. It is, therefore, advisable to plan and book early.

The climax of a bachelor party
Of course, a bachelor’s day is not linear. There is always one or more arcs of tension. Therefore, the day must be staged well. Accents such as an adventure restaurant with a view of the water or the skyline or a boat tour are well-suited program items as highlights of the suspense. The party boat by Captain Franky is often booked as a highlight for the bachelor party by demanding bachelorette party planners because the bachelor party by speedboat or private + exclusive party boat is an adventure, party escalation and pure joy. A stripper can of course also fit on board (can be booked through us or organized yourself) and if you like, you can challenge the bride or best frendin with a pole-dance prank or let off steam on your own playlist. The best thing: you bring your playlist with you on your smartphone and there are no foreign guests on board.

On top of that, our instructor is always in a good mood. When the bride or groom has to take the wheel, the good mood quickly jumps over. During the tour on the party boat you can get up, dance, swap places, go to your luggage compartment and party properly. The Bluetooth, headphone and I-Pod connections of the hi-fi system are available for your personal playlist. Party hits or chilled grooves – you decide!
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You are welcome to bring alcoholic beverages (no red wine!), Or we will head for the drive-in on the Main with the party boat. Of course, our party boat also has a cool box and numerous cup holders.
Of course, we also playfully introduce all the participants to the captain’s hat at the bachelor party, because fun is very important to us.
Feel free to take a look at our gallery pictures or check out our Facebook page – you will get a first impression of how we’re doing!

When it comes to stag or hen parties in Miami a.M., we have to fight musty standard activities! With us, the bride or groom has the wind of freedom blowing one last time before heading to the port of marriage!

A little tip: Do not wait too long with the reservation, since some stag or hen parties book the party boat for 2 or 3 hours, we are quickly booked up on Saturdays in high season. The party boat can be reserved every hour. Minimum booking time: 1 hour (299, -).

Captain Franky

Captain Franky is author, captain, event manager. He is hosting boat parties since 2009 and has party boat experience in Mediterranean See, Florida, Hawai, Thailand. He knows different types of waters such as rivers, lakes, oceans and is able to provide decent informations when is comes to picking the right vessel, safety and regulation on a yacht or boat. He managed party boat charters and yacht rentals for occasions such as birthday, corporate events, bachelor party, wedding proposal, family gatherings.

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