Travel Destination Miami

Miami as a travel destination is a great place because of warm wheater, interesting locations such as restaurants, party location such as beach club and hotel with pool party programs, popular music bars with live music.

Miami International ist the 7. largest airport in the world. On a daily basis flights are coming in from London, Paris, Frankfurt, México, Rio De Janeiro, Singapore and other global aviation hubs.

Captain Franky

Captain Franky is author, captain, event manager. He is hosting boat parties since 2009 and has party boat experience in Mediterranean See, Florida, Hawai, Thailand. He knows different types of waters such as rivers, lakes, oceans and is able to provide decent informations when is comes to picking the right vessel, safety and regulation on a yacht or boat. He managed party boat charters and yacht rentals for occasions such as birthday, corporate events, bachelor party, wedding proposal, family gatherings.

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