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Miami Top # 20 tips and advice for your milestone birthday – 18, 30, 50, 60 or 70.

The birthday party boat – is ideal for all ages and seasons. Ahoy at full throttle and in a good mood for the new year! Why not celebrate your birthday on a private boat and watch the Miami skyline cruise past?

A birthday party should be original and spectacular, that much is clear. But that doesn’t come all by itself. Time, place, duration, occasion and motto play a big role, but that’s clear anyway. Captain Franky reports on his personal experiences and writes anecdotes about planning a birthday party on this page. The integrated YouTube videos were recorded and edited by Captain Franky himself. He was present himself on all boat tours. Good entertainment and a lot of fun.

And you also take over the DJ yourself, because my boat has a stereo system that is coupled with your mobile phone. The dilemma when planning the budget is actually the biggest challenge because unlike a bachelor party where everyone puts together, the host bears all the costs for the birthday. Therefore, I recommend simply having the boat tour given as a gift. Parents, grandparents, the best friends as a group or those of their life partners are grateful for a clever wish list for the birthday present. There is nothing more disappointing for a gift-giver than if the gift recipient himself is disappointed. Giving is a tradition that is not limited to people, by the way. Animals also give each other food, attentions when grooming or tools (monkeys).
So that the gift works and makes everyone happy, the interplay of needs and willingness to engage in dialogue is important. The surprise effect is clearly an important factor in a gift, but be honest. When were you ever so surprised that you were thrilled? It is more effective to transfer the WOW effect to the actual boat party, which often lasts for several hours instead of a few surprise seconds.

How do I organize and plan an original birthday party for teenagers and adults in Miami?

The organization of an original birthday party depends heavily on the location of the celebration. At a picnic in the Taunus, a birthday cake with cream and a large number of cold drinks are rather complicated. Also, the transfer with your own car is not to be viewed uncritically, especially when alcohol is involved. On hot days and on a thin base, a glass of champagne to greet you, with a dainty person and unfavourable conditions, can have severe restrictions on the suitability for driving.
Birthday in your own party cellar is of course uncomplicated. If you don’t have your own party cellar yourself, consider whether parents, grandparents or friends don’t have a party cellar or garden. There are also club homes that make their facilities available for donations. Cooling larger quantities of drinks and implementing a BBQ is easier there than at a picnic. Alternatively, there is also a public barbecue area, but be careful! This is public and the condition and the environment should be carefully examined in advance.

What you will have to do is dispose of the empties and garbage.

If your birthday party is to be less original, then, of course, a birthday at MC Donalds is also possible. It’s inexpensive, straightforward and fun. But if your guests have grown out of the age of Ronald MC Donalds, there are other alternatives than a birthday at an MC Donald in Miami

One of the alternative places for an original birthday party is the boat party on a private boat, ie. without foreign guests that you have to be considerate of. The highlight: the boats are anything but 08/15! On the boat you can party or experience a speed frenzy or simply cruise casually along the Miami River:

You bring your own DJ and drinks, this saves costs. There are a sufficient refrigerator and luggage compartments for provisions so that longer boat parties can also be realized. A 1000-watt Bluetooth Hi-Fi system is available for your playlist. There is also a toilet and freshwater to wash your hands, a smoking lounge, a disco ball, and a convertible top that protects you from the elements and offers yacht-like comfort. The party decoration, if desired, you can simply bring it on the boat and hang it up. The route chosen depends on the length of the boat party. Anchoring in the bay, cruising in front of the skyline or at night Partying outside of the inhabited areas is possible. The boat can be rented from 1 hour. There are special tariffs for day trips to the Rhine.
The special entertainment value of a boat party is undisputed and is due to the fact that as soon as the guests are on the water, the complete stress, anger, and worries disappear. Why this phenomenon occurs in humans has only been partially researched. One reason could be based on the Aquatic monkey hypothesis, another that my boats are simply beautiful to look at and every one of the Baywatch generations has wanted to ride on a motor yacht. The marine biologist Alister Hardy and the pathologist Max Westenhöfer independently put forward the Aquatic monkey hypothesis that humans could descend much more strongly from aquatic monkeys than previously known. This hypothesis was justified, among other things, by the adipose tissue and human skin, which does not have hair or fur. According to the researchers, humans have more evolutionary biology in common with a whale and hippo than previously. According to the conclusion of Captain Franky, a human being would go to his or her original habitat according to the Aquatic monkey hypothesis.
A boat party where the guests can party on the water can lead to an unforgettable experience without stress, worries and fears because the boat sways gently in the waves and the sun’s rays are reflected on the water surface. Of course, the composition of the guests (see table below), the choice of music and the weather also play a major role in the success of an original birthday party. Food and drinks in the right amount, temperature and flavour with and without alcohol are also important so that all birthday guests feel comfortable. For a party on the party boat, plastic cups and glasses and disposable tableware are recommended. Decorative champagne glasses and party cups made of plastic are available on the Metro or at Amazon.
There are various methods for the administrative organization of a birthday party. The right method for organizing and planning a birthday party depends on many factors. One of the factors is the level of planning accuracy and granularity, ie. how much does the birthday planner want to actively manage every single risk. Size, location of the celebration, duration and demands of the guests are factors that flow into the administrative organization from the outside and have to be taken into account.

Original idea for an event location for the posh children’s birthday in Miami a.M.

Children are very welcome with me on the boat and I am happy to see the enthusiastic children’s eyes shining every time. For the little ones (from 6 years) a tour with our boat can be realized like an exciting pirate adventure. In this case, the invitations are simply sent in the form of a treasure map and of course there is fruit tea suitable for children instead of real grog. But even without a motto, a children’s birthday party on the party boat in Miami is guaranteed to be a hit for all young and old guests.

My grandma drives in the chicken coop motorboat, your grandma drives as captain on the Main! For all young at heart, our boat is the perfect place for a successful round (or angular) birthday. Here the best agers can really step on the gas and feel the wind. In this case, children are not liable for their parents and we assure you that young and old will have a lot of fun: perfect training for the laughing muscles.

Checklist for the perfect birthday

The above-mentioned tips for the original birthday party and the well-meaning advice from the checklist as well as the content itself are not intended to be complete and perfect. Rather, the content should offer a high entertainment value and an expanded perspective of your common sense. I also wrote the content myself and only used my own experiences from birthday parties, which is why the content is brutally honest at one point or another. The birthday planner and reader should always have the feeling: “Interesting, I feel that way, that’s true, I’ve never thought about it – but yes, how awesome it is, it speaks to me from the soul and much more.

Captain Franky

Captain Franky is author, captain, event manager. He is hosting boat parties since 2009 and has party boat experience in Mediterranean See, Florida, Hawai, Thailand. He knows different types of waters such as rivers, lakes, oceans and is able to provide decent informations when is comes to picking the right vessel, safety and regulation on a yacht or boat. He managed party boat charters and yacht rentals for occasions such as birthday, corporate events, bachelor party, wedding proposal, family gatherings.

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