American Celebration Days

Miami party boat cruise at one of the grat celebrations day´s at night and evening in Miami.

The fireworks boat tour and light show Miami in the bay take place on all high holidays like fourth of July, independence day, veterans day, labour day, thanksgiving, eastern, new years evening. Light shows and fireworks are on the program for many special events. Depending on the arrangement, the boat tours at night and in the evening depart from nearby Miami or South Beach Miami.

Professional fireworks and light show always attract large crowds. Captain Franky has his party boat ready for you and your family and friends so that you not only have space but also a great view at the next fireworks display with your group.

With a cold drink in hand, you can enjoy the impressive fireworks in a very special atmosphere with your own playlist. You have the party boat to yourself, that is. no foreign guests to consider.
Since such fireworks always take place late, you can take an extensive boat tour before the fireworks, for example by taking a trip to the Miami River, Star Island or at a party island in Miami Bay. You can relax with chilled lounge music or enjoy partying.
Captain Franky and his crew are very knowledgeable in Miami and will be happy to inform you when the next top fireworks show is going up. The high American holidays like Veterans Day, Fourths July, and Veterans Day, Sylvester on the party boat in Miami are great fun. You can go shaving on the party boat in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. The High Holidays in the USA with Guaranteed Fireworks are of course Fourth July and New Year’s Eve and are the best known, but there are countless other opportunities to experience the traditional fireworks from scratch.
And although the rockets are always fired far too quickly, this great event will remain in your memory for a long time. Promised. For guests who have no possibility to get a reservation for one of the fireworks appointments, there is the possibility to switch on the boat’s own light show and a disco ball and thus to cheer up.

Captain Franky

Captain Franky is author, captain, event manager. He is hosting boat parties since 2009 and has party boat experience in Mediterranean See, Florida, Hawai, Thailand. He knows different types of waters such as rivers, lakes, oceans and is able to provide decent informations when is comes to picking the right vessel, safety and regulation on a yacht or boat. He managed party boat charters and yacht rentals for occasions such as birthday, corporate events, bachelor party, wedding proposal, family gatherings.

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