Spring Break Miami

The USA is the land of unlimited party opportunities in many ways. Miami as a pulsating metropolis in Florida offers as party destination an ideal mix of southern friendliness, gigantic selection of party locations, bars, hotels, beach clubs, top infrastructure and accessibility, safety for pedestrians at night and fair prices.

But be careful! In the United States, drinking alcohol in public is not very welcome even by the sheriff in the tourist area of ​​little Havana. Not so in Miami South Beach when it is on a terrace of a pub or a party boat on one of the countless party islands. Miami is not only the city of photo models, celebrities, Cuban joie de vivre and the American Art Deco style but also the most European city in the USA. Therefore, Miami is very popular with many Americans. The springbreak culture in early summer and beach clubs like Nikki Beach was invented here and annually provide millions of party tourists in Miami and South Florida.

The party boat takes you from winter to spring. But it’s not just about your fun. The Springbreak Party in Miami is also the perfect opportunity to give something back to your loved ones who helped you through the cold winter. Now they can finally celebrate with you in a bikini again and no longer have to worry about getting frostbite.

For skiers there is less sulking, more celebrating!

The springbreak on the party boat is the perfect opportunity to leave the cold season behind and look optimistically into the future. The few short sunny days and the associated frustration are finally behind you. Now it is high time to finally let the pig-out, to live, to party and to put your friends in the foreground. Boat parties are the trend and are becoming increasingly popular in Miami.

Invite someone?

Men and women can, of course, get one on gender warfare and only invite their peers to the party. Maybe a mixed group would be a better alternative. Maybe there is already the next big love among the guests. But one or the other less serious flirting among singles can’t hurt at a good party.

Party ideas

As a special gift from your best friends, we recommend a stripper in a sailor costume. In the video below you can see how this can work. You can also ritually bury winter (or something that looks like, for example, a bobble hat with fur ears) in the water and symbolically complete it. You can, of course, bring the appropriate music with you.

Captain Franky

Captain Franky is author, captain, event manager. He is hosting boat parties since 2009 and has party boat experience in Mediterranean See, Florida, Hawai, Thailand. He knows different types of waters such as rivers, lakes, oceans and is able to provide decent informations when is comes to picking the right vessel, safety and regulation on a yacht or boat. He managed party boat charters and yacht rentals for occasions such as birthday, corporate events, bachelor party, wedding proposal, family gatherings.

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